1985 Flagg

With the United States and the Joe Team fighting multiple campaigns in recent years, military spending in the U.S. was on the rise and a recent budget grant for the military included funds for a second carrier for G.I.Joe. This new carrier would serve as another mobile HQ and deployment point to increase the Joe Team's capability to be in multiple places to keep terrorism and Cobra under control. She would be named the U.S.S. COLTON and would be the sister ship to the U.S.S. FLAGG.

Cobra Commander soon learned of the top secret construction of this new war vessel for G.I.Joe. It instantly became his obsession to steal the ship upon its completion and use it in his quest for global domination. Through careful planning and the use of many of Cobra's best operatives, the COLTON fell into the hands of Cobra the night before its christening ceremony.

Upon its capture, Cobra Commander christened this high-tech carrier for Cobra as the C.S.S. LEVIATHAN. After a handful of successful campaigns using the LEVIATHAN, Cobra Commander could almost feel the United States and the Joe Team under his thumb. But he soon realized it was becoming more and more difficult to hide his new toy which G.I.Joe was now determined to find and destroy. Cobra Commander had the ship docked in a secret Cobra installation which boasted a ship hanger large enough for any sea vessel. Cobra Commander's joy was now met with frustration because he possessed the ship capable of helping Cobra conquer the world, but he could no longer use it for fear of losing it. He had to find a way to hide the ship even on the high seas. The only mobile stealth technology he knew of was Python Patrol, which became the answer to his problem.

Cobra's newest weapon of global domination joins the Python Patrol as the PYTHON LEVIATHAN. With full stealth capabilities from radar and most other forms of detection, the PYTHON LEVIATHAN can roam the seas at will and act as the spearhead for Python Patrol in Cobra's campaigns to destroy G.I.Joe and conquer the world!

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