Fire Bat
Sky Sweeper wind shield

Late in 2010 Mike and I had a few vehicles that we thought would look good in chrome taken to the same place that made the CJC 2009 HATE tank.

Among them I had thrown in a few Fire Bats and Sky Sweepers.

A chrome Firebat looked a lot like the chrome Hailstorm sold on Ebay so to keep it from being too close, Mike painted the engine covers black and I swapped out the windshield with one from a Sky Sweeper.

Since I was the guy who tinted all the windshields on the HATE tank blue, I thought I'd pay homage to it and tint the windshield blue on this bad boy. I then hand painted the trim around the windshield black.

Next I swapped out the stickers with those from a Sky Sweeper and a few reproduction Sky Patrol stickers from Cobrastickers and this jet is ready to fly!

It's a pretty decent looking jet and displays very well.

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