This is the True Heroes TB-115 Shark. I knew it would not be a perfect C-130 but I am overall happy. I was able to take it all apart and repaint the light blue/gray color to more of a Joe green colors and then rebuild it and apply stickers from several different other vehicles and from the ones it came with. Two of the pictures of the back fin had a Pegasus and I knew then it would be a perfect fitting for a name.
Thank you for taking the time to view my custom!

Pegasus is a Transport gunship. The name Pegasus was given to the designers when Wild Bill lost the bet to Barrel Roll, Heads, Pegasus and Tails, Crazy Horse. Thankfully, Heads prevailed. When the Joes need a team dropped off or picked up, that is when Pegasus is called to action. Like the Mythical creature that carried Hercules to safety or battle, Pegasus does the same. Though it cannot hold vehicles, save an atv or cycle, a team can have a briefing and jump into action or be picked up and flown out. Pegasus is the ideal transport to use in a firefight or land in a hot zone.

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