1:18 21st Century Dodge WC-63 1 1/2 Ton Truck
1:18 21st Century Quad .50 (taken from Quad .50 trailer)
1:18 .50 cal machine guns (x2)
1:18 BBI Little Bird/Kiowa Rocket Launchers (x2)
Crysis CELL Fig Grenade Launcher
Styrene Plastic Sheet/Tubing
Styrene 1/16 Diamond Plate Pattern
Build-a-Rama: fuel tanks, camo netting, .50 cal crates, .50 ammo, and stowage crate attached to rear of truck.
PTE/GI Joe backpacks, radio pack
Model Support Goods (Rivets, hinges, chains)
BBI weapon case (hollowed out)
Miscellaneous GI Joe and Marauder Gun Runner weapons (Shotguns, .50 rifle, and ROC assault rifles)
Battery operated Red LED (Night Tac Nav)

Period: post invasion, Earth. Southeastern US. North Carolina to northern Florida, portions of Mississippi and Alabama considered occupied territories by an unknown alien force. They controlled other regions of US. Northern California, southern Texas, and some plain states were under tight control by alien forces. The US military maintained a limited command and control infrastructure in areas where the aliens had limited or no presence.

Behind enemy lines, state militias and fragmented regular military units waged war. Most intense fighting took place in the southeast with the heaviest fighting in North Carolina and Georgia. Defensive lines were established along Virginia/North Carolina border to prevent any northern advance by alien forces. Efforts by militia units helped stall the enemy advance.

Guntrucks: The militias used what was at their disposal: vehicle hardware, weapons, gear, and knowledge (engineers who could reverse engineer alien weaponry, etc). Just depend how fortunate the resistance group was to access.

Guntrucks were frequently used in hit & run operations against alien troops, bases, and -on occasion- take out armor pieces depending on the Guntruck armament. Defense and rescue was also big role. Many militia vehicles were destroyed in the defensive operations in face of a full alien attack.

The guntruck -nicknamed "Angel of Death"- was prized due to the armament: uparmored, quad 50 with two twin anti-armor missile launchers, top/side mounted .50 cal machine guns, and automatic grenade launcher. It belonged to a North Carolina militia unit (designated as 3rd NC Raleigh Raiders) which had access to huge ammunition and fuel stockpiles. Militias and regular military moved equipment, troops, and established camps throughout the Appalachians to evade detection. Guntrucks aided refugees through Appalachians to escape to US military controlled "Safe Zones".

The "Angel of Death" Guntruck earned its name in multiple engagements. Seeing and surviving combat against the invaders during the long sieges of Atlanta, Durham, Raleigh and number of skirmishes with alien infantry, armor and mecha.

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