Parts used;
-Losi SC chassis with modified wheel hubs
-Losi electronics (full function 4 X 4 RC)
-Body for vehicle was found at a swap meet
-Ultimate soldier ration accessories
-Terminator mini gun system
-Copper tubing for the spare tire and gas rack
-Radio Shack LED lights and toggle switches

-Sniper team deployment
-Rapid deployment

-Light weight
-All terrain self sealing run flat tires
-4 wheel drive
-5 barrel mini vulcan canon

The SRAT-V (or as the Tiger Force JOE's have affectionately come to call it for its nimbleness and agility) "The Squiny Rat" is designed for rapid deployment. Its light weight allows it to be transported via: CH-53, CH-46 (Tomahawk), H-60 and C-130's. It is rumored that Wild Bill did it with a XH-1 (Dragonfly). Its light weight design and ultra secret engine design gives it an astounding range of 735 miles on a single tank, with a top speed of 105 miles an hour.

The Squiny Rat relies on its maneuverability and speed for protection. It also carries a 5 barrel mini Vulcan canon (in case the enemy gets to close) capable of blasting its way thru any altercation. Along with carrying enough supplies for self sustained deployments of up-to 2 weeks. It also carries a spare tire and two 10gl fuel containers that double its range. The all terrain tires are capable of withstanding 9 - 7.62 rounds before disabling the self sealing capabilities. From that point the JOE's have a run flat that can sustain 75 miles at 50mph. Deployed in teams of two the Squiny Rat is a great asset for the JOE's and one hell of a good time to drive.

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