Parts used;
-Full function RC
-Light bar was made using three reading lights
-Losi provided the suspension for the skids
-Sway bar was also crated using Losi parts
-Upgraded the front canons using spare parts
-Steering controls supplied by a 25th Anniv. HISS tank
-The rest of the work was completed with a Dremmel

There isn't much of a huge difference from the original Arctic Blast design. The biggest one of course is the RC unit and to do so I had to raise the chassis a bit and upgrade the front skids to absorb the speed and bumps on the road. Oh and it surprisingly holds up well against walls (I ran into a few already). As you can see, no damage. The vehicle is a little hard to control but after a while you get use to the steering, the vehicle is amazingly fast (wheelies and 360 spins are easy to do).

-Arctic weather fast attack
-Deep snow traversing

-Light armor
-Light weight
-Deep snow light weight tires
-Two - 5 barrel vulcan canons

The Arctic Blast II's fast speed and light weight lets it traverse deep powder snow, where most arctic vehicles have difficulties the Arctic Blast II makes it look like a walk in the park. The light weight design and balanced frame allows it to literally turn on a dime.

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