Parts used;
-Full function RC
-Light bar is functional along with red flashing
light, button on remote control
-A couple misc. accessories unknown origin
-Side cages provided by an AWE striker
-Velcro material for skirt and spare parts for
tread retainer

I always thought that the Sky Sweeper had potential its configuration allowed for many uses and it looked to me like it belonged in the snow. I ran into a little problem with this custom, the treads would tend to come of when doing a 180 degree turn. I thought I would have to scrub the project, (I pride my work on functionality and durability) I lucked out with a couple of pieces from the original tank that I used as a retainer for the treads, fixed the problem. I don't remember the name of the tank I used but I do remember that it came in a package of two one green and one sand color I believe they had smoking capabilities and battle modes if that helps any on your projects.

-Arctic weather anti-air defense
-Search and rescue (SAR) operations

-Light armor
-Dual radar capabilities (ground and air)
-Anti-aircraft laser canons
-Two - experimental rail guns

"Snow OX" what she lacks in speed she makes up in fire power. The Snow OX's multi-purpose radar can be programmed to scan for aerial threats and enemy ground forces. Radar range is TOP SECRET it is rumored to be able to detect a single person in the vast plains of the arctic from 9 1/2 miles away. The OX's dual lasers can engage targets independently from the rail guns, engaging both ground forces and aerial threats at once. The OX's Search and Rescue (SAR) modifications can be configured to carry two litters with one medic and advance life support (ALS) equipment. The removal of the rail gun system can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes. The reduction of weight from the removal of the rail gun system greatly improves the speed of the OX.

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