Parts used;
-Unknown 1980's 2WD RC
-Electronics and camera are from Radio Shack
-Lights are Radio Shack LED's
-Chassis and body are provided by Walmart
-Toggle switches Radio Shack
-Misc. stickers
-Chap Mei surface to air missiles
-Windows are CD cases cut to fit

The GANTRY, one of the funnest vehicles I have built. Not only is it remote control, but it also has a camera above and behind the gunners head so you can see from a third person view. Even better the camera feeds real time color video to the remote control with sound. The user also has one LED light that can be turned on by pressing a button on the remote. I integrated head lights, brake lights and even yellow marker lights that can be turned on with a switch on the dash. It was fairly simple merging the electronics with the chassis. The difficult part was merging the body with the chassis. The speed is moderate, durability is tough, it can handle most off-road trails and small rocks. I have been searching for another RC like this one since the electronics are capable of battle. It would be fun to build another. The blue tip on the cannon shoots a beam to strike a hit on an opponent, likewise it can receive hits and be disabled with four hits. The receiving sensor and four hit indicator lights are stashed away were the visors would be. I made sure to retain these capabilities on the off chance I found another of its kind.

-Anti-aircraft defender

-Heavy armor
-Two three stage anti-aircraft surface to
surface and surface to air self guiding
-One - Laser canon

The GANTRY is a second generation upgrade with light weight heavy armor and adaptive technology. The Gantry's first role of protecting the JOE's convoys from aerial attacks is aided by two 3 stage anti-aircraft self guided missiles. It is capable of reaching super sonic speeds to track down COBRA's fastest jets. The Gantry also carries one recoil-less laser cannon allowing the gunner to place more shoots on target with little effort. The cannon can double as a laser to guide its surface to air missiles to a ground target, once the target has been selected. The cannon can continue to fight while the missile guides itself to make a small creator where there once was COBRA's.

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