Main parts from APC and a Brawler, Also an assortment of bits from the Whale, MCC, Tiger Cat, and Milk Jugs. Plus a few crummy weapons.

This thing had been semi completed for just about 2 years, Over spring break I finished up main construction on it and then just last week put the finishing touches of the weapon parts in. I Gave it a Base of Krylon Ultra Flat Black and then masked parts off and finished the main body up with Krylon Ultra Flat OD Green. final touches of silver dry brushing on the engine and the colors on the Nitrous mixing/injecting tanks.

Designed to be a less conspicuous transport vehicle for the joes, the HPC gives up the amphibious capabilities of the APC for the speed of a lighter vehicle equiped with Nitrous. The HPC features a custom designed Nitrous system Built by Clutch. The main feature of this system is its utilization of Nitrogens innert nature, Nittrous is only produced when the system is in use, the rest of the time the gasses stay in their elemental form. Just as at home on the road as off it, the HPC gives the Joes ability to deploy a sizeable force with rapid response speed.

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