2000 Era Black Awe Striker Shell and Wheels
Stargate "Awe Striker" frame

The Striker is based on (read stolen directly from) the proven G.I. Joe "Awe Striker" design and utilizes a powerful engine and stripped down frame to stay on top of the snow where heavier vehicles might sink. Faster than almost anything with wheels in even the most blinding storms, the Cobra Stig (TM) can traverse the drifts and ice to courier supplies, troops and information across Cobras vast network of Arctic bases.

Modifications to the original design include a roof mounted rocket launcher, and a rear running board to carry up to two additional troops (if they are feeling brave).


This is the leftovers from a desert striker project to bash together the Stargate awe striker with the 2000 era one that I started work on almost 10 years ago and only finished recently.

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