Stargate Awe Striker Shell and Wheels
2000 Era Black Awe Striker frame

The Desert Striker is an AWE Striker specially kitted out for operations in desert environments. It is essentially a dune buggy, but specially designed and weighted with a low center of gravity to support the firing of a roof mounted recoilless rifle without flipping over. The use of special filters, engine coolants and high heat stress tolerant engine materials allow this AWE Striker variant to operate at full tilt in temperatures in excess of 120 degrees of sustained heat without serious operational degradation. That being said, the Desert Striker does not come with air conditioning, so the best way of keeping it cool, is driving it as fast as possible.


I started this project a decade ago and only finished it recently. Sadly I was beaten to the punch as Hasbro finally managed to get their own 25th version of the Desert AWE Striker out before I finished mine. That being said, I prefer the body coloring of the Stargate shell, and am very happy with it, even if it did take almost 10 years to get it done.

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