Defiant Space Shuttle

I have always been a huge Star Wars fan and wanted to incorperate SW into my my "Oneverse", so here is how I did it.

Outer Rim Runners,
While trying to avoid an Imperial blockade, the Outer Rim Runners tried to jump into hyperspace but were hit by blaster from an Imperial Cruiser and were knocked off course as they made the jump. They ended up jumping across five Galaxies to our own Milky Way, where they crashed landed on Earth. They found themselves knee deep in snakes, "Cobra" that is. Now they find the world they're stranded on to be primitive and the war they're in the middle of, some what familiar. The Outer Rim Runners in their Empire controlled Galaxy were well known pirates and smugglers. In our world they find that doing what they do a bit simpler, so they think. However their ship, the Ghost Runner, has been severely damaged in the crash. They will have to find compatible parts to get the Ghost back into space and Cobra technology just might do the trick.

Crew Members:
Enivra Camero- Captain of the Ghost
Sirhc Skylark- Medic/Communications

Ocir Fairlane- Pilot/Navigator
Ira Cherokee-Mechanic

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