Desert Fox
Wheels, grill, and steering wheel from Retaliation Ninja Commando 4x4
Weapons from Retaliation Ninja Dojo Battle Set
Weapons from 30th Iron Grenadier
Stickers from an unknown Cobra vehicle
25th B.A.T.s
Weapons from Transformers MechTech Topspin
Testors paints and dull coat
Plastic saw
masking tape

This vehicle is designed for specially programmed B.A.T.s that are well trained in weapons and seek and destroy tactics. Highly upgraded from its previous role for G.I. Joe as the Desert Fox, the Cobra Sidewinder packs a nasty punch with 5 high caliber frame mounted weapons and a portable Gatling Gun with backpack ammo box. The side mounted storage racks allow the androids easy access to their flamethrower, laser cannon, and gripper claws giving them a high level of adaptability during close range combat. The vehicle's wide stance makes is extremely stable and capable of high speeds over rough terrain. They usually travel in groups of 4 or 5. If you see the Sidewinders coming, head for the hills.

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