"Found Item" Milk Bottle Caps
Awe Striker
Neutralizer Tank Weapons & Accessories

The AWE Striker has long been one of my favorite Joe vehicles, and I have various shells in different states of repair. I also like milk, and the cafeteria where I buy lunch has milk bottles with these funky 'finned' caps. I started saving them because they had something interesting going on. One day I was messing around with a couple, and realized that putting them back to back made a cool looking wheel for a dune buggy of some sort. During Custom Celebration 7, we had a 'Found Item' contest, and I decided to make the dune buggy. It wasn't until after I realized that I was running low on different colors of primer & paint that I decided to go with a space theme. I then had Lance Sputnik, Sexy Gaucho, introduce it to the world. I went back later to put some custom Adventure Team stickers on it, including the AT Space Logo I designed (now in the joewiki file repository.)

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