Boat: Generic Hunting boat with added parts
Gorilla: Shleich?
Adventurer: GIJCC

Capture of the Pygmy Gorilla is another set for Land Adventurer released in 1970. It included a camouflage parka and pants, a hunting rifle, a flat bottom boat with pontoons, adventure crates, a camera gun, a net and the mini gorilla.

To create he boat, I found the central hull part in a generic hunting toy. I added the scratch-built pontoons and painted the whole thing to match the vintage colors. Like White Tiger Hunt, this set had to be part of this project. It took me a while to find a suitable boat. In the end, the boat is larger than the original (although, the original is undersized). Also, my gorilla is not so pygmy, but it does the job for now. If I find a good miniature version I will swap it out.

The Land Adventurer is from the GI Joe Collector's Club. I did not modify it (except the accessories)

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