All: Captain America Mech w added bit of fodder

The SWARM Command Mech has turned Glitch into a one-man army! From inside this massive suit or armor, Glitch controls the SWARM and takes the battle to GI Joe! Equipped with command computer, wrist-mounted mini-gun, radar and jetpack. Includes driver GLITCH 2.0!

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Once I had settled on the recipe for Glitch 2.0. I had the idea of giving him a central command hub with which to control his SWARM. I figured that since his actual armor was lighter, he would need more protection when he led his troops on the battlefield. I had a Marvel Captain America Mech that I had no plans for. I guessed that, with a few add-ons and once painted in the right colors, it would look like an upsized version of Glitch.

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