All: PTE Quad with added gun and rear rack removed

''Cobra is no match for Joe's roving vehicular fortress! This imposing urban assault carrier steamrolls over Cobra's forces! The GI JOE CENTURION rolls on land and floats in water! It carries and deploys the GI JOE STREET FOX into battle! Includes driver MUDFLAP!''

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Initially, the Centurion was to be a simple Armored Personnel Carrier. I wanted to modify the back with seats to carry troops. Once I actually got around to making the changes, I realized that it would be a lot more fun if it carry a small vehicle, similar to the Cobra Anaconda last year. This time around, I wanted to keep the vehicle believable (as opposed to the Splitjaw Recon Bike last year), so I immediately thought of the PTE quad. It is a fun, sturdy and compact vehicle that would have seen a lot of play if I had it as a kid. Fortunately, it fit perfectly into the back of the Centurion.

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