All: Depth Charge's Spytroop Hydrosled/Jetski

Yes, I realize the paintjob didn't turn out well. For those that wish to know, the markings on the missile are part of a message and joke that's age old in form, but still carries meaning. What it reads is a message to Cobra and any other terrorists G.I. Joe and Tiger Force might face, a reminder of the day when America stood up and told them all, "No more."
The missile reads: "From NYC, with love."

Codename: Tiger Snake (G.I. Joe Tiger Force)
Python Snake (Cobra Python Patrol)
Primary Military Function: Aquatic Assault
Secondary Military Function: Infiltration

Data: Python Patrols are Cobra's elite stealth units, the greatest rival to G.I. Joe's wilderness based Tiger Force: the unseen and the hunters. With the infiltration abilities provided by the new Spytroops technology, this rivalry advances to a new level with Python Patrol and Tiger Force now being about to slip into each others' ranks undetected.

One example of the new Spytroop-Tech equipped Tiger Force vehicles is the Tiger Snake hydrosled, which has the ability to transform into a Python Patrol Jetski, the Python Snake!

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