GI Joe Storm Eagle, Soldier Force 9 Snow Storm Jet, black paint, gray Gundam weathering pen, black panel lining pen, Skystriker stickers

"The Advanced Tactical Fighter program was established by GI Joe to develop air superiority fighters with a view to replacing the XPF-14 Skystrikers and X-30 Conquests. What emerged from the program were the next-generation GI Joe jets, the YF-22 Thunderwing and the YF-23 Storm Eagle!"

The Storm Eagle is a nice little version of the YF-23, but unfortunately is extremely lacking in details. I painted the tailfins and nose black in part as a homage to the Skystriker, but also as part of my early customizing experiments in masking and spray-painting, and it came out reasonably nicely.

Most people are familiar with the GI Joe Thunderwing jet, but Chap Mei has its own version of the F-22. It was recently repainted as part of the Soldier Force 9 series, and I thought it would be the perfect squad-mate for the Storm Eagle given its colors and resemblance to the Thunderwing.

I removed the Soldier Force stickers from the Chap Mei jet, panel-lined both jets, and weathered the rear parts of both in gray. I then added matching unused GI Joe stickers from the Skystriker as a vague homage to the Gamblers squadron.

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