Walmart Adventure Force Jeep with tampos removed
Toyhax stickers

As soon as I realized I wanted to take some location shots of the Land Adventurer down by the river, I immediately thought I this jeep. At first I was just going to use it as is, with the blue marlin tampos on the sides. I relaized I'd get more use out of it as an AT vehicle. So I set out to remove the tampos. Using a magic eraser dipped in rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease I was able to make quick owrk of most of it while watching a movie. Then I had to go back in with qtips and clena off anything in tight spaces. I took about 20-30 shots of it in various spots along the river, but no matter what I did to try to make it more actiony, it always looked like it was parked for a commercial.

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