25th Armadillo

Krylon Fusion Satin Red

Decals From Armadillo, Cobrastickers.com Hiss Tank Set, and Hiss Tank Number Sheet Set

Same deal as my other Armadillo repaint. I love this vehicle. Alot.

I thought of doing it like Canprime's Mini-Cat, (which is where I originally got the idea) in red and black, but liked the simple, one color scheme. After finishing both of these I did try swapping the turrets just to check, but since it's such a small vehicle I went with the "less is more" take on them.

This red does NOT match the Crimson Hiss Tanks, but I actually like it better. It reminds me of the Cobra Imp from the original RAH series. I may repaint the Hiss Tanks, as I like this shade of red quite a lot more.

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