Main chassis: True Heroes Sentry Outpost Helicopter, painted high-gloss blue and black. Rocket pods: ROC Panther mini-tank. Nose mounted twin gatling gun: 89' Rock 'N Roll. Scrambler/jamming tubes: ROC Panther. Decals: ROC Panther, Pit Mobile Headquarters, 87' Maggot.

Though significantly smaller than its more familiar counterpart, the AH-6, the A/EH-7CU (A/EH: for electronic warfare capable, attack helicopter) is a state of the art flying machine. Largely due to its T63-A-700 turboshaft 650 hp powerplant, this multi-role weapons platform is capable of speeds well in excess of 225 mph, and cruises at 195mph. In addition, it has a range of just under 500 miles and a service ceiling of 20,000 ft. Standard equipment includes two LAU-68/D rocket pods, each firing eight 70mm Hydra rockets, but Wyverns can also be equipped with AGM-114 Hellfire, guided anti-tank missiles, or even FIM92 Stinger anti-air missiles for self-defense. Mounted under the nose are two 7.62mm M137 "mini" miniguns, mainly for anti-personnel use. What is perhaps most significant, though, about the A/EH-7CU is its capability for autonomous, or unmanned, flight. U model Wyverns can be controlled, via satellite, from either a ground base halfway around the world, or from another helicopter, by joystick and/or voice command. This makes the A/EH-7CU one of the deadliest, most sophisticated aircraft in the skies.

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