Main Chassis: 85' A.W.E. Striker, painted DPM (Dispersed Pattern Military) white and black. Rear seat supports (welded-frame): Monogram model parts tree stock. Rear seat: 85' Flagg, fuel delivery vehicle, trimmed to fit. Mesh camouflaging material: Bubble gum machine toy paratrooper. Backpack: 87' Outback. Browning Ma-deuce .50 cal. machine gun: 84' Roadblock. Ammo box: Sgt. Savage Grizzly. Decals: fodder.

This is just another of the many A.W.E. Striker variants employed by the Joe Team. The chief differences with the MkII, however, are the presence of the rear gunner's seat and the addition of the Browning .50 cal. machine gun. Besides inflating the size of the crew, these modifications have served to greatly increase the MkII's firepower. Also, to make room for the machine gun, the cannon-guidance information processor, and its associated linkage equipment, which before were mounted in and on the dash, have been upgraded and repositioned on the transom, behind the seats.

This was, by the way, my very first custom.

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