Main chassis and missile rack (modified and painted olive drab), and windshield: 85' Snowcat. Gun turret swivel: 84' Water Moccasin. Gun turret/guns: 87' Maggot. Decals:, October Guard "Classic Set" 1 and 3, and Action Force MOBAT.

Though it is one of the oldest vehicles in the October Guard arsenal, having entered service in the late 1970's, the Skorpion still fills an important operational niche. With four fin stabilized M-19 smart rockets and twin 76mm rapid-fire cannons, it provides excellent fire support for rapidly advancing troops. Plus, the vehicle's wheel and track configuration make it incredibly maneuverable over most types of terrain and very swift. Indeed, even at its age, it is likely to remain a part of the OG arsenal for years to come.

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