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Vintage Moray

I have been wanting to do the custom every since the Venom Vs. Valor Moray came. I remember seeing the box art before the actual pics of the moray were shown. I was really excited to get a moray in those color. Well that didn't last to long until I saw the horrible looking green swirl version. If some of you are wondering where the Miami Vice name comes from its the name that Pluv stuck on while we were talking about in chat one day so that's what I'm calling it. Its basically just your standard Moray shell which had seen better days. The stickers are from the actual venom vs. valor moray but I couldn't use the flame stickers that came with that set because to be honest they are horrible. To solve this problem I found a flame patter I liked and made myself a stencil. I first painted the gray flames under neath mixing it a little white on the tips of the flames. After those were dried I overlapped the white flames and then clear coated the entire vehicle.

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