Power Team Elite A-10

Let me start off by saying that I love the A-10. Its been one of my favorite airplanes since I was a little kid. While I enjoyed the Rattler and all the repaints that came from that mold it just wasn't a real A-10. Elite toys tried to put out a decent A-10 but it ended up being more garbage. Then Power Team Elite came along and made what I think is one of the best A-10 molds that I have seen so far, not counting any foreign molds. While I loved the PTE A-10 I never was a fan of the Gray paint scheme, it always seem so boring and bland. Well after a lot of painting I finally have a A-10 plane that I have been wanting for 20 years. Nothing has been modified and most of the detail painting was done by hand including the Warthog markings (Teeth, Eyes, Nose and Ears) on the front of the plane. There are few stickers on the plane but nothing to fancy.

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