Main body and legs - Clone Wars AT-RT
Gun Barrel - Gundam Gelgoog
Scope - Marauder inc TOW
Ammo belt and feed - 30th Iron Grenadier
Additional armour - Gundam Tieren Ground Type
Rear Section - Ultimate Roadblock rappelling backpack
Motor - 25th Ripper backpack
Packs - POC Low Light; 25th Red Star; 25th Firefly; 50th Night Viper

Inspired by the walker in MGS V, I wanted to make my own very military looking, very plausible bipedal, ride-on walker for Action Force.... and one that could fold down to fit inside the loading bay of my WHALE.

I'd seen footage a while back of a six wheeled semi-autonomous ATV designed to carry packs and equipment for a squad of soldiers on foot patrol and that helped spark the idea for this design.

I see it as a fast, agile, all-terrain vehicle, used to carry hundreds of pounds of additional equipment for a single scout, but that can also act in conjuction with its dismounted rider as part of a two-man fire team.

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