World Peacekeepers Jet from ToysR'Us
Walmart Color Place Gloss White paint
Walmart Color Place Gloss Black paint
Walmart Color Place Flat Black paint (armaments)
Apple Barrel paints for cockpit detailing
Krylon Matte Finish Clear Coat
SkyStriker Decals courtesy of J. Ruben

Ace's beloved Skystriker got an is a fixed wing model, but its small size and maneuvaribility makes it an asset in dogfights with Cobra.

I had this jet given to me last year, and I finally got around to painting it.

I went with a color scheme that matches the box art of the original skystriker. Only place I could detail was the I tackled that area.

I had to trim down some of the decals to fit in certain areas of the jet, and just ran out of room for all the original decals. I also added two roman numerals after the "SkyStriker" decals to make it stand out in my squadron.

I wanted a jet that the 25th Anniversary Ace could fit in comfortably, and this jet does just that. It is almost as if it is made for him.

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