1984 Gi Joe: Killer W.H.A.L.E.
1989 Gi Joe: Stalker Kayak

Soldier Force: 2 Antennas, 1 Radar tower and 2 Rescue buoys

The Corps: 2 Humvee Machine Guns

Peanuts/Snoopy: Spotlight

LED: 1 red flashing LED and power switch from Radio Shack

RC car motor: 1 motor found in clearence section at Target.

Paint: Krylon/Fusion (Pewtwer Gray & Flat Black)

Stickers: A.V.T.F. (faction symbols) & Killer W.H.A.L.E.
from Cobrastickers.com

The G.I.JOE Killer W.H.A.L.E. hovercraft was released in 1984. It was and still is my favorite and most memorable G.I. JOE toy. This is my first GI JOE KW custom. I decided to make it a part of the A.V.T.F. (Anti Venom Task Force). Which was a G.I. JOE faction released in 2004. This particular line only consisted of a few figures and was never given a compliment of vehicles. So I decided to make my own. I went with a color scheme more akin to a modern Navy. I used an assortment of stickers courtesy of cobrastickers.com. The biggest difference is that I made the fan blades battery operated, rather than the old mechanical trigger. I also added a blinking LED that works off the same switch. I was able to install the switch in the mechanical triggers original location. It runs on 2/D batteries, installed in the bottom cargo/storage hatch for easy access. If your familiar with the KW's you've probably asked the same question I did. "What the hell is this hatch for?" Well most likely Hasbro was going to make this a battery operated toy. But, they probably thought it would be to costly or ran short on development time and had to push forward with its release. Who knows what the real deal was. Anyway, I answered my next question. "Could it be done?".... "YEP!!!" And it wasn't that difficult.... You can see the video of this custom on Youtube at "GI JOE TOYS KILLER WHALE CUSTOM BATTERY OPERATED".

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