This is our gi joe vamp mark 1 assault jeep launched with our wave 2 of custom gi joe marvel legends style 6 to 8 inch 1:12 scale gi joe action figures. The jeep holds two in the front and up to 3figures in th back. You can attach a machine gun to the back or missile system which we will upload the pics for. Took various parts from other vehicles we had laying around for final assembly with existing parts. Added decals after. Now all we need to do is finish clutch.

Currently pictured with the jeep are our wave 1 and 2 gi joe marvel legends size 6 to 8 inch 1:12 scale gi joe action figures customs without the cobras. The windshield comes down and features nice engine detail. The figures are fully poseable and articulated. We are attempting to make every figure from 1982 through 1988 in a 6 to 8 inch scale. Wave 3 will be out shortly in June or July. Also see our cobra throne enviroment

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