This is made using a 25th Anniversary Night Spectre with stickers from a ROC Dragonhawk.
The cockpit is the Night Spectre's with a hole cut out at the bottom and the seat is from a 25th Firebat, which fits into the hole that was cut out.
The control stick is an extra model kit sprue and the dashboard is from a car model kit that I cut up.

The pilot is actually just ROC Wild Bill with a comic pack Ace head and the SRO Wild Bill helmet.

The main motivation for doing this custom was due to the fact I did not like how the pilot lies down to pilot the Night Spectre/Sharc.

I had an extra Target Night Spectre that did not have any stickers and I was able to acquire an unused ROC Dragonhawk sticker sheet so it worked out perfectly.

The Dragonhawk and Wild Bill's colors match the Night Spectre perfectly. The only thing I wish was that his arms were a little longer, but at least I was able to make the control stick long enough for him to grab. The stick actually can move in and out to accommodate different pilots' arm length.

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