25th Conquest X-30
30th Skystriker cockpit console
Cobrastickers Skystricker cockpit stickers

One of my favorite planes as a kid was the Conquest, since I never had the Skystriker. I liked the size of this a lot better. There were only two things I didn't like about it, the yellow engines and missiles and the cockpit. When I saw the 30th Skystriker, I immediately knew I wanted a second cockpit for the Conquest.

Well, I didn't switch out the yellow cause it's hard getting a hold of the 1998 Conquest parts. However, thanks to Target's $10 Skystriker blowout, I was able to get a second Skystriker for the sole purpose of using the cockpit.

I used the front portion of the cockpit and the control sticks to dress up my Conquest interior. The leg area is tight so someone like the 30th Ace will not fit cause of his ankle holster. All the cuts are hidden so it looks like something from the factory and based on how I did it, it is something that would have been very easy for Hasbro to do, if they had made the Skystriker before the Conquest I guess.

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