Base vehicle: Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser
Anti-Tank Guns from cut down Jungle Viper L-39 rifles
Ammo drums from POC Iron Grenadiers
Grenade launchers from an old anime mech toy
Razor wire from POC Dusty
misc. chaff
Antenna made from Cobra Commander snake staff
leftover stickers from various POC Cobra vehicles

Based on the American Ground Mobility Vehicle HMMWV variant, the Cobra Goanna is a fast, rugged off-road vehicle utilized by the EELs and some advanced Viper units. They are substantially more powerful, and have heavier suspensions and much greater ground clearance than Stingers. Standard armament consists of a missile rack, two forward mounted anti-tank guns and a pair of rear-facing grenade launchers, not to mention whatever weaponry the crew decides to carry with them. The vehicle can be up-armored or stripped down for added cargo capacity.
Major Bludd is especially fond of the vehicles and named them after the Australian monitor lizards and as a nod to the Aussie vehicles of the same name.

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