Base: Big Wheel keychain by Fun4All cut, sanded, and added sculpted seat cushions
Fairing and windshield: Matchbox 1:18 Highway Patrol motorcycle with styrene connection
Front fender: Maisto bike
Emergency brake: Destro Rise of Cobra missile launcher handle

I picked up the Big Wheel key chain on a whim while out on a toy run with some fellow customizers. Coincidentally, I was looking for the police bike my parents got me for Christmas when I was 3 and stumbled onto the Mobile Strike Force Power Cycle. I knew I had to make it in 1:18 scale. Before Maisto, Mattel's Matchbox had a line of 1:18 scale motorcycles that were mostly plastic with metal gas tank and engine. I knew the front end of that highway patrol bike would be perfect for this size wise and it being plastic would make it easy to modify if it wasn't exactly right.

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