Base: Coke bottle
Wings and rear landing struts: BBi or 21st century helicopter, not sure which
Nose cone: model rocket I found in the woods
Cockpit: ROCC gun station
Tail fin: styrene with textured rivet decal strips
Removable logos: cell phone protector screen
Front landing strut: R2 leg

The spaceship was made for the two week alpha vehicle challenge and is probably the only reason I got figures completed in the first place for NJC #82. I was out running errands the day before the deadline and grabbed a Coke while getting new wiper blades. I threw everything in the passenger seat when I got in the car and when I went to grab for it, all of a sudden I was like Benny from the Lego Movie: "SPACESHIP!"

The paint scheme was kept generic so it could be used for multiple purposes. That is also why the flag and tail fin logos are removable.

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