Funskool and Omni Consumer Products sponsored Police RamJet
Main: diecast RAM
Window: Lego canopy cut down
Front wings: Matchbox jet and Star Wars Risk Battle Droid tank
Rear wing: Skyhawk
Robo Auto 9 rocket engine: resin covered insulation foam

That isn't just a new paint job the #22 RamJet. Funskool knew it needed to do more than hire a new pilot in order to be competitive in these races. So they overhauled the entire bike and teamed up with the famed OCP out of New Detroit. Why, yes, that is a new Robo Auto 9 rocket engine you are seeing. Now the original engine serves as auxillary power.
I've been wanting to try painting resin over a foam carved piece ever since I did it over a sculpted item last year. This was the perfect occassion to make something more durable.

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