Main: diecast RAM
Front wings: Matchbox jet and Star Wars Risk Battle Droid tank
Rear wing: Skyhawk
Jet rockets: Spider Man Minimates

Piloted by Hoecake Atoms, deceased

About: I was looking for some of the GI Joe micro vehicles and came across the Hasbro die-cast RAM. I thought it would make for a good prize or something. It turned out I was able to get a lot of several for cheaper than one. While checking one of them out I put a Mega Blox Picard on it and thought it looked pretty dang enough to take a dremel to it.

For a paint scheme I was thinking silver and black with a Raiders pirate theme. After base coating it in silver I remembered the Funskool Streethawk version of the RAM which in turn reminded me of the Funskool MRF Racing version of the VAMP. All of a sudden I not only had a deco, but race team sponsors to boot.

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