PTE Rocket Helicopter
Clothes hanger, Rescue Heroes winch and NAC rope for cable system
The rescue basket is a modified bird feeder with styrene tubing
Stickers are from several saved up RoC, PoC, and PTE vehicles

The first Search and Rescue helicopter used exclusively by the GI Joe team. With sensitive spy satellite debris falling from space, air battles over the sea, smugglers and pirates using any means necessary, and with a small fleet of ships serving around the globe the need finally came for the Joes to have their own Coast Guard MH-65E chopper on the ready. Being a Joe vehicle it has the most advanced radar/sonar/heat signature/weather scanning equipment possible. In addition, it is outfitted with all weather intake and exhaust ports and rotors. This allows the Dolphin to fly in the coldest Northern Alaska nights and the tropical heat South Atlantic.

Ace: "When a Code Orange gets called out on the Flagg, we know Flint and his crew are going out to bring back one of our guys."

I spent 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area watching the Coast Guard choppers fly overhead. The Dolphin is slick and the teams on them are well practiced vets that constantly put themselves into harms way to get others out. As soon as I saw the PTE release of this vehicle I had to make a Coast Guard version. I made the wheels removable and rearranged the rear area to accommodate a stretcher.

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