The frame is the MMS I got from nova's free junk box. The computer is glued to the back of the station.
The double radar dish is from the Radar Rat, from nova's cheap junk box.
The radar is screwed into a marker cap that fits perfectly into the circle left by the missing missile rack.
The jack stand is a piece of styrene tube with a lego piece glued on the bottom.

When I was working on my quonset hut playset I needed a radar outside to mimic a scene from the comic. I couldn't find my motorized Action Pack Radar Station and was about to use the Coastal Defender in its place when I got the opportunity to dive into nova's vehicle parts bins.

I was only looking for a radar dish, but as soon as I found the remnants of the MMS I knew I could do something pretty simple but cool with it. One of the bonus challenges for the shoebox dio this year was to use a pen or marker cap. The fact that one of the marker caps I had in my kibble drawer just so happened to fit nicely into the MMS proves it was destiny. I love it when the side projects to a project turn out to be cool by itself.

Pilot right before take off: "Any word from the Mrs.?"

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