G.I. Joe Volume 1 #66
G.I. Joe Volume 1 #66
G.I. Joe Volume 1 #66
G.I. Joe Volume 1 #66
As a kid I picked up a few issues of the Marvel run here and there whenever my brother let me tag along with him to the comic shop. When my dad got stationed to Japan, my mom had my brother grab a dozen comics for the flight, something I've done ever since. One of the comics was GI Joe #66. The newstands on base were several months behind the States so I had that issue and a GI Joe digest I got on base to read until they caught up.

66 was no kid's comic. Prisoners of war, honor, revenge, rescue, sacrifice for a greater cause, karma, and a further unraveling of the meaning behind the Arishakage tattoo pretty much sums up the plot. It is the pinnacle of the entire series and the reason I hold Larry Hama up as one of the greatest ever. He built it up several issues before and let it fester and let the unanswered questions linger for this master piece.

The cover shows the daring rescuers posed for the inevitable assault. Inside a warn down Stalker, injured Quick Kick, and beaten Snow Job, who have been captured since issue 61, are staring down the barrel of Corporal Olga's pistol.

I started by making the facade for the prison cabin with a Lego window and several wooden coffee stirrers. Then I made the bunks and the door for an interior shot also using coffee stirrers. The barbed wire fencing is wire with thread tied to it on alluminum tubes and chicken wire. I like how it turned out so much I plan to eventually build the whole cabin playset.

Her affair with a local political leader's brother-in-law led to her being volunteered into military service and assigned to Gulag #23. After losing her dignity and self respect, she had to cut her hair because of lice infestation within the gulag.

At the time we meet her in the comic she is completely detestable. She has no qualms brutalizing the prisoners or killing them outright. In the end, the prisoners extract their revenge.


Stalker was the team leader in charge of the mission to rescue the US reporter from Borovian custody. When the team was about to be captured while trying to escape, Stalker was the one who ordered Outback to leave him and a wounded Snow job and Quick Kick behind. He could have easily established himself and his comrades as heads of the pecking order in Gulag #23, but chose to have all of the prisoners get treated fairly and evenly. Stalker never lost his composure or his dignity while under extreme duress. Not even when he was continuously taunted by the gulag guards Sgt. Mosiev and Corporal Olga. When his opportunity came to provide retribution for himself and his men, he did not let it slip his grasp, out shooting a supposed Gold Medal Olympian.


Snow Job was injured by gun fire while trying to escape Borovia. After being sentenced to life in prison along with Stalker and Quick Kick, he was singled out as being weak by other prisoners and attacked. If it wasn't for Stalker's protection, Snow Job would not have survived. In Gulag #23, he was beaten by the guards for trying to plan the Joes' escape, making his situation even worse. However, that didn't prevent him from helping another prisoner escape. Luckily when he was ratted out again, the rat was beaten instead. He is relieved when the rescue ninjas arrive and completely overwhelmed with gratitude after seeing Outback survived to return with their story.


Storm Shadow travels to Borovia with Billy and Jinx to meet up with their believed deceased friends Snake Eyes and Scarlett, as well as, the Blind Master, another Arashikage alum. After reuniting and practicing the clan ritual revealing the secrets of the tenth letter, they embark on the mission to rescue their teammates.


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