The Automatons are sentient machines of destruction. Their leader and creator, Automatron, sees humans as imperfect beings that have no right to be self appointed rulers of anything. The Automatons goal is for one thing, world domination.

Accessing Pit datafiles...

Name: Barry Lazerwitz
Received Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS undergraduate degree cum laude in Computer Science at the age of 20. Received Stanford University, Masters Aerospace Robotics at age 23. Hired NASA Ames Research Center for robotic exploration. Laid off in 2004 due to NASA funding more human based missions. Brought in as ARDEC* consultant after recovery of new BAT** technology.
*Army Research Design and Engineering Center
**Battle Android Trooper

Highly intelligent. Like Ted Kaczynski if he was a mechanical engineer. The wiz kid got a chip on his shoulder when he was laid off from NASA. Seeing the BAT technology, and Terminator one too many times, made him think a world run by robots isn't such a bad idea after all. He started small time with bank robberies using the Automatons to further support his research and creature building. He even took down a Cobra backed nano-microchip processing plant. That put him on the enemy list for both GI Joe and Cobra.

Automaton #1

The most humanoid of the Automatons. It is faster, stronger, and better armed then any human soldier. Because of its leg design, #1 can jump over a wall 10 feet high or with its heavy body armor it can plow right through it. If that wasn't enough, it has extending arms and rocket fists. It also has targeting acquisition enhancers along with an array of vision systems for when it operates normal hand held weapons.


#2 is the epitome of shoot first and ask questions later. 6 wheels make this thing fast, but only where an amphibious ATV can travel. Fortified armor and big .50 cal firing machine guns make it very dangerous. It lacks the vision intensifiers of the other Automatons, but precise targeting isn't exactly its primary directive. If it can't hit you directly it will pin you down so the others can. Fortunately, it can be heard coming because of the diesel engine.


Built like a tank with a gadget arm as a tail. Reports indicate it has a voice simulator built into it along with translator software. #3 is the slowest of all the Automatons, but is very heavily armored making small arms fire useless. Its tail can pierce through armor and can lift a fully manned HUMVEE off the ground and toss it aside like trash. It is mostly used as the point man to clear a path for the other Automatons. While it has never done it, it is assumed the robot could use a firearm with its graspers.

Automaton #4

The flying one. So far this one has been mainly used for spying since it has jamming and audio/visual surveillance antennas. Its aerial reconnaissance use would make it a primary target when sited if anyone could get a clear shot at it. Highly maneuverable with VTOL* capabilities. With its jet boosters, it is just about untouchable by most pilots. It doesn't seem to have any weapons other than its razor sharp talons.
*Vertical Take-off and Landing


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