First and foremost, I want to welcome you to the team. Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta has been reinstated due to the hard work of Senator Abernathy, Chairman of the Senate Strategic Special Projects Sub-Committee. As one of the team's 13 members during our initial probationary period, you'll be inheriting the codename SHOCKWAVE as our urban warfare specialist. In addition to your other responsibilities and areas of expertise, I'm assigning each member specific threats I want them to familiarize themselves with and I'm assigning you HEI$T - Hazardous Encounter Investment Seizure and Transport.

You'll need to review the files on the mercenary group THE DREADNOKS and COBRA's semi-legitimate business front EXTENSIVE ENTERPRISES. There are two specific lessons I want you to learn here:

1) An army of thugs, punks, and outlaws is still an army, and must not be underestimated.

2) Our enemies' financial assets can be every bit as dangerous as their firepower, and must not be overlooked.

Normally, an organization like HEI$T wouldn't fall under our jurisdiction. They're a mish-mash of technophiles and adrenaline junkies, and most of their activities amount to little more than armed robbery. What's troubling is the frighteningly advanced hardware they use, the level of sophistication in their tactics, and who they appear to be pulling these robberies for.

HEI$T perform two basic tasks for their clients. The first is doing basic "smash and grab" operations of a specific target. The second is performing theft and robbery for their clients, taking a relatively small upfront payment and using that funding to identify, orchestrate, and execute a highly lucrative assault on a variety of targets. For an organization based on stealing, they're anything but greedy and end up only taking a small percentage of the job. The robberies they commit though tend to be on such an epic scale that their "small percentage" is a sizable payoff, with the rest of the money amounting to a lucrative return on their clients' investment.

In the short time they've been active, their activities have grown in scope and allowed them to build up quite a technological arsenal. They're wielding a considerable amount of firepower, normal police response or even SWAT have zero chance of dealing with these guys. Some departments are petitioning for ungraded weaponry to deal with the threat, while some cities have mandated that police not interfere with a HEI$T robbery.

They're smart about the attacks, too. And while there have been relatively few civilian casualties as a result of their actions, we can not under estimate the threat they pose. Just because they've shown up with big enough guns to scare everyone into cooperation so far, it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong and all hell breaks loose.

You'll have access to the full file, of course, but I'm afraid we still don't know much more than the basics. We do know that they are lead by an individual known as the EXECUTOR (egg-zek-u-tor, not eks-uh-que-tor)... at least, we think it's an individual. He or she has been coordinating HEI$T's operations with a remarkable amount of detail and precision. And their long lists of clients means they've got clout with quite a few government, criminal, and terrorist organizations willing to harbor them. We know they don't stay in one place long, and they've been good about not burning bridges behind them (stealing from previous clients) which means they're building up a global network of possible safe havens.

We've managed to work up rough profiles on their general troops, known as HIGHWAYMEN, as well as gather some information on two of the EXECUTOR's lieutenants, VAULT and ALIBI.

VAULT, from what we can tell, is HEI$T's armorer. We've got surveillance camera footage of him adjusting the gear and armor of the HIGHWAYMEN during operations. We've also noticed if he's carrying new technology on one mission, the HIGHWAYMEN are usually carrying then next time HE$T shows up, so it would be appear he's field testing new gear. Currently, he seems to be testing an advanced riot shield with a built in "inertia refraction beam emitter". The lab tells me that's a fancy way of saying "big gun."

The second figure I made for HEI$T. When I made the shield the rest of the figure came together.


ALIBI was a B-list French pop star on the European reality show circuit when she caught the attention of HEI$T. It seems she was using the shows as a cover for a crime spree, and she was pretty successful at it too. HEI$T recruited her to be a sort of mascot for the operation, she acts as human relations for their clients, wining and dining them. Turns out when she's pulling a robbery with the team, she keeps most of the attention on herself as well... We've noticed her taking a more and more active role in their operations, and can only assume HEI$T is continuing to groom her into leadership role.

The purple hair is reflective of her celebrity origin, and is intended to cause people to keep all eyes on her during an operation.


The basic HEI$T troopers are known as HIGHWAYMEN. We're still working on a detail profile of these guys, and all we really know so far is they tend to be extremely driven individuals from all walks of life. Even down to this level HEI$T prides itself on professionalism, and although they don't shy away from using fear and force to get their job done, we've yet to see any messy displays or lack of control on the HIGHWAYMEN's part. Believe it or not, one of the only clear voice samples we've got from them is a "Thank you, ma'am" picked up on vault security after the manager was forced to open it. They mean business though, and they're equipped with significant armor and weaponry. Do no mistake "seemingly well mannered" for a lack of threat from these guys. These guys are carrying advanced electronically fired, stacked projectile rifles that we believe VAULT helped developed.

Helmet is Flash helmet backwards.

Initially peaced together as a bomb squad member. The reversed helmet and look inspired the idea for HEI$T.


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