Island of Quatro Cinco
Taking his initial earnings from the single Mambo No. 5, Bega began shopping around for a small island that he could purchase. As none of the other songs from his albums lit the charts on fire, his search became more desperate, until he discovered a small island off of the Ivory Coast that was in a constant state of anarchy. No one claimed it, and they had no government of their own to speak of. The last owner was a gold tycoon who disappeared several years ago and hasn't been heard of since. Bega pooled his resources and swooped in, presenting himself as an American savior to the people of Quatro Cinco, and quickly set himself up as the owner/operator of the entire island. Having little by way of economy, Bega needed to create a source of income for his fledgeling nation, and by chance ran across an exiled African general called Brad Pluvo Puncho at a meeting of nations too poor to be admitted to the UN. Puncho convinced Bega that he could lease out the treacherous shores and wild mountains of Quatro Cinco to military groups seeking a place to train and take refuge. Bega quickly took the bait, and installed Puncho as his right hand man and the general of his meager military forces. Soon, Quatro Cinco was swimming in mercenary money, and Bega happily turned a blind eye to the real nature of these 'freedom fighters' that were now calling his island home.

Special thanks to Roxi_T for the assist on the flag! Ok, it wasn't really an assist, she did it all, and she did it wonderfully.

I got the idea for this project when I randomly remembered an old PC game I had called Tropico, that inexplicably had Lou Bega of Mambo No. 5 fame as one of the tropical island dictators you could choose to run your island paradise. I thought that since that song has caused me a great amount of torture, he certainly fit as the head of state for my rogue nation. The rest was sort of a fill in the blanks from there.
Generalisimo Puncho

Generalisimo Brad Pluvo Puncho

Los Caballeros

Generalisimo Brad Pluvo Puncho


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