Cobra HISS Team 1
When putting together the latest version of the HISS Destro's M.A.R.S. Corporation looked into some of the suggestions of the Cobras who operate and service the HISS squadrons. After designing one that seemed to meet all of their needs he hand picked a team of Vipers who could demonstrate all the functions and capabilities of the new tank. Since the new HISS and HISS teams have been implemented mission success ratios have increased 240%.

Destro combed the ranks of both the Track Vipers and WORMS squads to find the perfect operators. The chosen few who made the cut were put through 50 hours of simulations before being let into the cockpit. Then they went through the field testing.


With the anti-armor missiles and guidance systems, the HISS needs a qualified anti-tank expert to operate that stand alone offensive capability from the rear troop carrier.


Unlike other HISS tanks, the new HISS has ground to surface missiles capable of taking down enemy aircraft or even launching an attack against enemies over 100 miles away. Flak Vipers serve as the rear missile station operators for this very purpose.


While it doesn't come standard on all new HISS tanks, there is an upgrade Communications/Surveillance/Jamming package complete with satellite uplinking and GPS real time navigation that Tele-Vipers can be trained to use.


As the final test for their HISS tank team selection process, each Techno-Viper is given 24 hours to fully assemble an operational HISS from scratch. While M.A.R.S. has seen to it that the assembly isn't difficult, this is the only way to ensure that the Techno-Vipers know all of the individual operating systems both inside and out.


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