Montagar and Vortas
The Cramoks are a race of sentient spheres that once born have a mere 1000 years to travel the cosmos and find a suitable host. Once they find their host they consume whatever it uses for a head and assume control of it’s body. If ever separated from their chosen host body they only have about a month at most to find a new one.

Vortas and Montagar met Zartan and the Dreadnoks at an interstellar bowling alley. One of the patrons of the bar who had a few too many rounds of grape soda made the careless mistake of tripping over Buzzer's extended foot and spilling his drink onto Torch's chocolate covered donuts. Needless to say, all hell broke loose. Thoroughly impressed with the chaos the Dreadnoks caused over a single spilled drink, Vortas and Montagar decided to join in on the fun, concentrating on the people who were bowling (a game that Cramoks find extremely perverse). Liking their style Zartan offered them a place with the Dreadnoks.

When they are not causing destruction and mayhem with the Dreadnoks they can often be found hunting the ever elusive Space Monkey.

It took Montagar nearly the full 1000 years to find a host he considered suitable. The cyborg that the body belonged to never even saw him coming. Unfortunately for Montagar, the cyborg was a slave being forced to fight in a gladiator arena at the time. Montagar grew to love the combat of the arena, but hated his lack of freedom. Then one day he noticed Vortas in the crowd. After the fight he managed to convince him to help him escape.


Vortas took over the body of the first creature he encountered, and finding it not to his liking, decapitated himself so he could find another. He went through many hosts this way before finding one that he liked. The massive amount of stress that he went through each time he changed hosts had a negative effect on his mental state, and he is prone to erratic destructive behavior. He was impressed with the way Montagar fought in the gladiator arena and helped him escape.


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