Delta Dawn
Led by an Ex-GI Joe and searching for glory lost (or never found) Delta Dawn is team that is used exclusively for high risk of casualty operations. Each member of the team can be charitably described as "quirky" at best, and having a "severe psychological disability" at worse. They'd be out of the army long ago if they weren't so good at what they do...

The US army institutes strict psychological testing for all applicants, with specialist teams requiring additional layers of psychological scrutiny. Since Apache made it through the testing and ended up in Delta, clearly the testing is dangerously flawed.

Apache does everything to excess, be it drinking, training or the quantity of explosives he puts on an entry door. He's hyperactive and impatient suffering from a clear case of undiagnosed ADD. He's also a great man to have in a firefight because it's the only time that there's enough going on to keep his attention.

"dudetherewaslikeaguyinthedoorwayandoneinthe window andIthinkIgothimbutI'mnotsuredidyouseehimtoo?


Black flag is a typical 19 year old army brat that has never known anything but army bases and military service. He was raised on, bedtime stories of the force legends surrounding army military units. This interest turned into an obsession for the "legendary" soldier named "Snake Eyes"

He will tell the clearly hyperbolic stories about Snake Eyes given any chance, and has become obsessed with learning more about him. He has a collection of gear purported to have been used by Snake Eyes himself, that Black Flag proudly wears into battle (despite the skin peelings that tend to fall out of it).

When Black Flag learned that Rock and Roll was putting together a unit, and that R&R actually served with the man himself, he almost broke his neck to be accepted to the team.

"This one time, Snake Eyes took out 10 armed soldiers with this thing that he had in his boot. No guys, I'm serious!"


If the Army Psychologist's office took one look at Hightower's footlocker he'd be given an immediate section 8. It goes beyond "perfectly spotless" into a kind of organizational Nirvana. Hightower must control his environment to the last detail, lest he go into fits.

As a long range sniper, he sees the battlefield as a teeming chaos that need order imposed upon it. The Barret light 50, with a one mile range and the ability to shoot through hard cover is a powerful tool for imposing order.

"Yes Black Flag, I will carry your extra ammo belt, but if you don't put your kit in order, I'll shoot you myself!"


Old soldiers can't be made to retire when they're still tougher, stronger and faster than any of the PT instructors conducting the fitness tests. Rock and Roll can't carry the big guns anymore but he can still run the hills and press iron better than any of the "spoiled soft" kids that sign up for the modern army.

Rock and Roll served with some of the greatest soldiers ever to serve America, but in doing so, he lost his ability to do anything else. A proposed retirement back to the beaches of Malibu ended after a week of abject boredom. It's pretty clear that the "old man" wants to die with his gun in his hand and the brass, to this point, seems to be willing to let him.

"Let's take that hill and die trying. I mean, OR die trying. Oh shut up."


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