U.S.S. FLAGG Carrier Deck Crew

File Name: Carter, James
Birthplace: Palo Alto, CA
PMOS: Carrier Deck Crew
SMOS: Helicopter Pilot
Grade: E-6
SN: 1879-21-0765

When Striper was in high school, he led his team to three straight football state championships. After graduation, he was recruited to play quarterback for the Naval Academy. After a career ending knee injury, Striper opted to finish his time at the Naval Academy and make a career out of the Navy. After college, he flew Blackhawks on several missions in the Middle East. He then attended officer's school and was then stationed on the USS Flag as part of the Carrier Deck Crew. His duties consist of Aircraft handling officer, Catapult and arresting gear officer, and Plane director.


File Name: Washington, Douglas, III
Birthplace: Norfolk, VA
PMOS: Carrier Deck Crew
SMOS: Infantry
Grade: E-5
SN: 2408-67-2451

Ironside grew up near the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he enlisted into the Navy when he turned 18. He was to become a third generation Naval Officer, but his love of airplanes led him on a different route. Ironside opted out of Officer School in order to serve on the USS Flagg. As a Carrier Deck Crewman, Ironside is responsible for transportation and handling of aviation fuels.


File Name: O'Malley, Charles
Birthplace: Boston, MA
PMOS: Carrier Deck Crew
SMOS: Communications
Grade: E-5
SN: 8655-56-7971

Lucky came to the United States on full a scholarship to Boston College, where he majored in Mass Communications. There he enlisted into the college's ROTC program in order to gain much needed discipline. After graduation, Lucky chose to enlist into full service, where his skills led him to be stationed onto the USS Flagg's Carrier Deck Crew. His responsibilities include plane handling, aircraft elevator operating, tractor driver, and phone talker.


File Name: Loyston, Leslie
Birthplace: Strawberry Plains, TN
PMOS: Carrier Deck Crew
SMOS: Journalist
Grade: E-4
SN: 4154-53-3080

Skye graduated college with a degree in journalism. She had always wanted to be a field journalist who traveled around the world in search of ground-breaking news. After several years and several desk jobs, Skye decided the best way to pursue her goals was to join the military. This allowed her to travel around the world while doing what she loved. Along with her journalism skills, Skye also found a passion for photography when working in the field. Her expertise led her onto the USS Flagg's Carrier Deck Crew where her duties are Photographer's mate, Catapult and arresting gear crew, Air wing maintenance personnel, Cargo-handling personnel, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) troubleshooter, Hook runner, and Helicopter landing signal enlisted personnel (LSE).


File Name: Gilliam, Jason
Birthplace: Kingsport, TN
PMOS: Carrier Deck Crew
SMOS: Flight Instructor
Grade: E-7
SN: 4105-66-9874

Winger grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot. As soon as he was old enough, Winger began taking pilot lessons. At 16 he became a certified pilot with hopes of going to college to become a commercial pilot. However, Winger could not deny his love of fighter planes and enlisted in the US Navy. But because he did not have perfect vision, he realized that he could never pilot a fighter plane. Thus he became a flight instructor. This helped him to be recruited to serve on the USS Flagg as Petty Officer of the Carrier Deck Crew. Winger's duties consist of being Air wing plane captain and Air wing line leading petty officer.


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