Night Creepers
After the original Night Creepers were massacured in an ambush set in place by a joint effort by Delta Force and the SAS, the survivors went underground, determined to avenge their fallen comrades and rebuilt their clan.

Lead by the enigmatic Aleph, this new clan surrendered their identities, taking a Grecian letter as thier new identity. They do not exist. They are Shadows.

They are Night Creepers.

File name: Unknown
Birthplace: Sakya Monastery, Tibet
Weapon of Choice: Chinese Broadsword
Three Sectional Staff
Battle Axe

Intelligence operations have been unable to determine if the man currently known as Aleph is in fact the original Night Creeper Leader known as Aleph. Due to a reorganization of the Night Creepers and a failure to infiltrate this new incarnation, intelligence is somewhat limited.

It is believed Aleph was raised in the Sakya Monastery, close to Mount Everest, when the monks found a young mother and child in the drifts of the mountains. Taken by the monks as one of their own, the child was trained in their practices and ideologies. At about the age of 16, he left the Monastery and traveled to Japan under an alias to further his education and training. Any records of him at this time are sketchy at best, although Aleph does turn up in Okinawa and Berlin.

It was in Berlin Intelligence believes he was recruited into the Night Creepers, a group of mercenary ninjas, highly educated, all deadly. No records exist of his service to the Night Creepers, but he presumably rose through the ranks quickly due to his skill. Drawn into an ambush by the SAS and Delta Force, the Clan was decimated, leaving few survivors, further damaging solid intel.

From the ashes a new Clan rose, led by Aleph. Each member surrendered his name, taking a Grecian letter instead. All ties to Cobra were severed and the Clan's new operations have mostly occurred with little to no knowledge of their involvement.

While Aleph holds the seat of power, he has delegated field command to Omega, allowing himself to remain in the shadow. Aleph is usually found clad in the ceremonial robes of the Alpha, but he is fully prepared to act if he is forced to do so.


Filename: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Weapon of Choice: Khukuri
Night Creeper Sword

Everything that is known of the Night Creeper Omega comes from second party sources and hearsay, leading many to presume he is a myth. Believed to be born in India to an English family, Omega may have been a part of the Special Air Service before recruitment to MI6. Rumors trace his training to the Gorkha, a class of elite soldiers from the mountains of Nepal.

Omega specializes in deaths that appear accidental or natural. The only deaths that can be 100% attributed to him are ones he either wanted the authorities to know about or they were learned of through interrogation of the men who hired him. He is silent, cunning, and lethal. Generals have been slain by his hand in the middle of full dress parades and presidents have fallen to him surrounded by their guards.

His one oddity is a love of art and literature. Much of his accumulate wealth is tied up in priceless works by Donatello, Monet, Rembrant and his vast library.

Of all members of the current Night Creepers, Omega is classified as the deadliest and holds the officer of second-in-command, superceded by only Aleph. Over two dozen countries would issue death warrants if they could prove his existence.


Filename: Unknown
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan (presumed)
Weapon of Choice: Naginata
Night Creeper Sword

Once known as Dice, a Cobra ninja partnered with the international assassin Slice, Xi rejoined his Night Creeper brethren following the fall of Cobra in the late 1990's. His skills now perfected to an art; Xi became one of the Clan's most sought after assassin.

Following the reestablishment of Cobra in 2000, Xi became a liaison to the terrorist organizations. He acted as a silent arm of Cobra, eliminating competition and enemies of the organization while stealing technology and intelligence they sought.

While Aleph does not fully trust the man once known as Dice, Xi has been entrusted in the elimination of his former partner, who is rumored to be working with MI6. It is unknown if Slice is acting of his own free will, but it matters little to the men who want him dead and the partner he betrayed.


Filename: Damien Domingo Castille
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Weapon of Choice: Natagama
Night Creeper Sword

A former agent of MOSSAD and asset of the CIA, Epsilon turned on his compatriots and went freelance. Epsilon's specialty is the infiltration and elimination of freedom fighter and terrorists alike. His charisma causes most people to believe what he says and trust him right up to the moment he slips his dagger between their ribs.

Some of his fellow Night Creepers believed him to be a government plant until he blew a fully loaded 747 out of the sky simply to kill the Contra leader who was on board.


Filename: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Weapon of choice: Twin Katanas
Night Creepers Sword

Omicron is a total blank slate to the intelligence community. There is not one fact known about him, only conjecture. He is theoretically linked to the massacre of a Kurd village in Iraq and a second village in Rwanda during a civil war. It is believed he has posed as other infamous mercenaries during his assignments, forcing them to take the blame for his actions.

Some sources believe he once posed as the most infamous merc of all, Firefly, during the early 1990's, when he was believed to have lead a force of brainwashed GI Joe and Cobra agents during an attempted overthrow of Cobra Island. A Joe agent later observed that Firefly being overwhelmed by two Cobra agents, leaving much speculation to the identity of the man in question.

He is death incarnate, leaving behind no witnesses regardless of sex or age.

>>File Update>>....
A recent assassination in Cambodia has led to a new piece of information about the Night Creeper Omicron. Nailed to the victim's temple was a card that simple read "Death is My Gift". This murder was without question the work of Omicron...


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