Slaughter's Marauders
After the departure of Sergeant Slaughter from the Joe team, his personal unit, the Marauders was disbanded and it's personnel returned to their original posts. As time passed the need for a dedicated armor unit became apparent and the Slaughter's Marauders unit designation was brought out of retirement and given to this new team. With the bulk of it's firepower purposed towards anti-air operations the Marauder's are usually tasked with guarding temporary command posts and artillery, but are also extremely skilled at tank to tank combat.

Filename: Harris, Nathan
Primary MOS: Armor Commander
Secondary MOS: Anti-Air Gunner
Birthplace: Pittsburgh PA

Slaughter was born the son of a steelworker and a substitute teacher, while poor, he wanted for nothing. His father scrimped and saved in an effort to give his son the advantages he hadn't had and Slaughter made the most of them. He was a semester away from an engineering degree when his father was severely injured in an accident at the mill. Painful as it was, neither father nor son could deny the truth, the family needed money, and there was simply no way for Slaughter to finish his schooling. He joined the military straightaway and while never intending to make a career of it, has served ever since.

Slaughter (no relation to the former Joe Sgt.), is a tank commander without peer. Guys like Steeler and Hot Seat can drive a tank but Slaughter reads the battlefield like a book. Nothing the enemy does surprises him, he sees it, barks an order, and the Marauder's go into action. A commander who troops will give their lives for, because he'd do the same for them.


Filename: Duthie, Stan
Primary MOS: Radio Telephone Operator
Secondary MOS: Electronics Technician
Birthplace: Seattle WA

Amp always wanted to be a rockstar. All through high school and college he moved from band to band, and bar to bar, hoping for his big break. A break that never came. Totally disillusioned, Amp abandoned his old lifestyle and many of his old beliefs and, much to the dismay of his friends, joined the Army. The adjustment was very hard, and he had numerous disciplinary problems. Eventually however, he calmed down, and found a field in which he could excel.

Amp knows his stuff, no doubt about that. He can handle himself on the battlefield and does a bang up job as the Marauders ears. However he is prone to depression over his choices in life and this can make him a liability. It doesn't interfere to the point of danger for his teammates (he'd never allow it to) but it can cause unneeded friction.


Filename: Gaetz, Alice
Primary MOS: Fast Attack Driver
Secondary MOS: Cook
Birthplace: Des Moines IA

Shooter is a second generation Joe. Her father was a member of the original team and gave his life in battle against a Cobra funded guerilla operation in Afghanistan. Despite her mother's protests, Shooter joined the military and soon was offered Joe membership. As all Joe missions and personnel are classified, Shooter was unaware that her father had been a Joe until she joined the team. She now proudly carries on in his footsteps, using his codename and serving with the same dedication he did.

Shooter never really knew her father, yet, she's always judging her success based upon his benchmarks. She's pumped every original Joe for any shred of information they had on her dad. This desire to live up to his example often leads her to discount or be dissatisfied with her actions. In reality she's an extremely competent soldier and drives the Armadillo like she was born in it.


Filename: Olsen, Blaine
Primary MOS: Artillery
Secondary MOS: Mechanic
Birthplace: Atlanta GA

Kickoff never really wanted to join the Army. He'd always enjoyed his freedom, often spending hours just wandering around the streets of his home. After graduating from high school he found himself directionless and broke. After a few years of menial jobs and near constant nagging from his parents he joined the military more to get away from his family than anything. His intent was a quick stint, and then college, but he never quite worked up the desire to move on. After realizing that he was probably never going to leave the Army, he rededicated himself and eventually made his way onto the Joe team.

Kickoff is an armchair quarterback. He's terrible at football but absolutely loves the game. He's got an opinion on every move any coach or player makes, and is convinced that if he were in charge a team of narcoleptic monkeys could win the Super Bowl. Truth be told it gets a bit annoying. Especially his penchant for calling anything he fires from the Lynx the "Long Bomb". Still, when someone's as accurate as he is, you can forgive a quirk here and there.


Filename: Mellot, John
Primary MOS: Tank Operator
Secondary MOS: Infantry
Birthplace: Milaca MN

Treadshot joined the military for the reason that so many young men do, to get the hell out of the Podunk town they were born in. He left behind a rep as a star athlete, the prom queen, and a cushy job at the grain elevator. He hasn't regretted a minute since. Loving the military as he did, excellence was easy for Treadshot and the Joe team nearly inevitable.

At his core, Treadshot is a very simple guy. He fights fair, always brushes his teeth, and judges a man by the car he drives. It's this sort of basic approach to life that has made Treadshot the anchor of the Marauders. Always there with a stupid joke, a kind word and the promise of a beer come Friday. Helluva good guy at the wheel of the Equalizer too.


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