Zanzibar's Pirates
Zanzibar's Pirates
Zanzibar's Pirates
Most people conjure up images of Captain Hook or Blackbeard when the topic of pirates comes up. Today "piracy" is used more in connection with copyright infringement than with maritime violence. However, it still exists in regular occurrences off the coast of Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, and in the Far East. The truth is that few non-military ships stand a chance against a crew of determined well armed men.

The crew of the Bonny Read is no different. Each of them is well trained and together they are a highly organized group of criminals. Carrying forged papers they sell off the entire cargo or the captured vessel itself and escape off into the night with nothing but rumors and "ghost" stories in their wake. Their ties to the Dreadnoks, the international crime syndicate, makes them all the more dangerous and has become an industry standard for successful pirates in the modern age.

Gone are the days of the masted sloops of pirating, wicked cannons, and the hopes of losing an adversary in the fog. The Bonny Read is a collection of today's most advanced technology. Her most gifted advancement is her ability to transform from a sailing yacht into a high speed power boat. Her gear includes satellite global positioning systems, passive radar and sonar, communications jamming equipment, and a M.A.R.S. "silent running" turbine engine system. She is also armed with a removable 50 cal. heavy machine gun and a stolen Russian experimental torpedo. Her entire existence is to be a deadly pirate ship.

Morgan Teach aka Zanzibar was destined to be a pirate. Early in his career, as a river pirate, he became disenfranchised with all the hard work put into making so little profit. The chance meeting when selling bootleg gasoline to Zartan which led to his joining with the Dreadnoks was supposed to be part of his big break. At first it seemed the perfect match made in hell. But from the beginning Zanzibar never fit in with the biker gang and everybody let him know it. He returned their kindness by stealing from them while they slept, shaking their Cobra colas, and biting or poking holes in all of their doughnuts.

When the Dreadnoks started growing and expanding into an international organization, Zanzibar decided it was time to jump ship. He decided to form his own crew of pirates and plunder the seven seas so to speak. He'd seen enough of the Dreadnoks to know how not to run an organization. Zartan agreed to let Zanzibar go minus the usual gang exit procedures as part of their deal. Their joint operation would have Zanzibar using the Dreadnoks to fence, transport, and secure all of the stolen pirate goods for a small percentage. Zanzibar knew he was making a deal with the devil but it was worth the price to be out on his own.


Cannonball left his home in Scotland and lied about his age to join the merchant marines in Her Majesty's Service at the tender age of 16. It was here he learned that a life under a merchant captain is the last monarchy. His particular captain was one of the worst despots to ever command a ship.

Cannonball grew taking every insult and accepting every crap task the captain ordered. He was biding his time, waiting for his moment. That moment came years later when the captain, on a power trip, had the men remain on board in port in the Virgin Islands, just close enough to smell the sun tan lotion coming from the nearby beach. Cannonball led the bloody mutiny and took over the ship. He's been a pirate ever since.

Because he is an avid collector of weapons he's the best person to serve as the man at arms, taking care of every blade and fire arm for the crew. But due to his experience, first mate duties often fall into his lap. With his thick accent, grey hair, and light hearted stories you would think he's a nice man but Cannonball will knock your skull in if he thinks it better.


Amidst a rash of witch hunts from the Congo basin to the African Horn begins the sad tale of the crew member known only as the Witch Doctor. The leader of the local Mai-Mai rebels was shot and killed after the tribal healer's spell failed to repel bullets. Fearing reprisal upon the whole village, his tribe brutally executed his whole family and threw him off a cliff into the crashing waves of the ocean.

He awoke in chains among the crew of the Bonny Read. Zanzibar respected the crazy man's resilience and tenacity. Through many failed attempts at communication one thing was certain. He wanted to get back to his village.

Armed with only a rusty rifle and a dull knife he charged single handedly into the village and killed every member of the tribe. The crew stood in awe as the Witch Doctor yelled, screamed, and laughed to himself even as he triumphantly decapitated his former chief. They knew right then he was a worthy addition to the ship.

He's crazy. He kills solely for pleasure and is loyal to Zanzibar only for letting him carry out his revenge. The crew puts up with all his nonsense because he scares the crap out of passengers, making them easily succumb to their wishes.

Special thanks to my girlfriend Jamie for her first custom work, painting the shield.


Mojo grew up working on the docks in Kingston, Jamaica. By the time he grew into an adult he was working 18 hour days and doing the work of five men and had very little to show for it. He fantasized of one day being able to actually set sail on the open water only to return to reality.

Zanzibar's raid on the harbor changed all that. While making a daring escape Zanzibar was surprised to see a large man-mountain clearing the way in front of him. Mojo came on board and was indoctrinated into the crew.

He's large and loud unless he doesn't want to be heard. Then you won't even know he's around until he wants you to. He's strong like an ox. He's the only person known to be able to carry and fire a double barreled chain gun.


My name is Jose Antonio Rodriguez. I come from Cuba. I am the most favoritest member of the crew. They love me very, very much. My humor and conversation is comforting and good for their morale on our time out on the water. Hey, I heard that! Where was I? Oh yes, I am the ship's boatswain. That means I take care of the sails, ropes, rigging, and even the anchor. No one is better at it than me. I could change the main sail at a the middle of a fire fight...while hanging upside down. Impressive, no?

Of course because me Papa always took me on his fishing boat I learned to speak the language of many sailors. I can speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, French, Greek, and Italian. Not bad. There are not many men in this business that can boast of such a thing.


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